Democratize Marketing

  • Democratize Marketing

    As we all know  marketing has been considered up to date an outside issue to small and medium industrial enterprises. Nothing further from the truth! Especially small and medium enterprises are the ones that need to focus on Industrial Marketing the most: They benefit the most from a  market survey to enable a position, make a segmentation of the efficient market, create a consistent corporate identity, creating work tools oriented to sales rather than simple technical catalogs, make a planned loyalty distribution network, training vendors, emphasizing the unique selling proposition that identifies you in market... and much more.
    They especially need to adopt the new 2.0 Industrial Marketing based on the newest tools available such as social networking, emailing, newsletter and any new technology and strategies that reduce costs and increase sales effectiveness and market segmentation.
    Our mission is to democratize Marketing and Consulting services to offer you fair prices for SMEs desiring to expand their markets and increase their sales.
    Contact us for an analysis of the Index of Relative Market for your business with no obligation...

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